Hope Union Race Clip Pedals Purple


    Brand: Leisure Lakes Bikes

    Price: £142.50


    Description: A new Pedal offering from Hope and the technical wizards in Barnoldswick, Lancashire. The Union RC or Race Clip Pedal offers a lightweight dual sided mechanism design for super easy pedal entry on any terrain condition over the trails, technical Cross Country courses and quick starts from a standing start line. The Secure cleat holdings boost confidence and power through the pedals and into the bike offering maximum foot assurance with a consistent foot release when the course demands a foot down. With a titanium axle as standard, these pedals offer an ultra stiff platform to aid your power transfer through each pedal while a minimal surface area retains a lower weight, penalising those dynamics and climbing factors. These pedals come with 2 cleat options, a 5 degree float option and 12 degree release float angle respectively, enabling every rider comfort when clipped for ample room of ankle movement and release. Boasting a fully serviceable and re-buildable unit, the Axle is high strength Cr-Mo heat treated and plated, made to last and endure the abuse mountain biking brings with Titanium axle upgrades available. KEY FEATURES Dual mechanism designed for easy pedal entry, secure cleat holding and positive, consistent release Dual sided Titanium axle as standard Fully CNC Machined pedal bodies Stainless steel clips and cleats Pedals supplied with two cleats options Pedals run on three cartridge bearings and a norglide bush for smooth long term durability-Fully serviceable and re-buildable Axle is high strength Cr-Mo, heat treated and plated Q-Factor – 55mm Pedals supplied with two cleats options; 4°or 5° of free float and 12° or 13° release angle respectively. Both cleats also allow 2mm of lateral (side to side) float. Weight from: 324g.

    Merchant: Leisure Lakes Bikes

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    Category: Cycling

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