Sportful Women's Flare Jersey - L - Pompelmo


    Brand: Sportful

    Price: £90.00


    Description: The Flare was developed with an innovative diagonal micro-perforation technique, usable only on lightweight fabrics. This results in an unusual 3D effect and a unique style and design. Yes, it's a solid-color jersey. But look more closely. The fabric is extremely lightweight, which makes it suitable for your hottest summer rides. And thanks to this fabric we were able to use a new microperforating technique to build a diagonal motif that enhances the garment with delicate and elegant detail. In short, a solid color but an interesting graphic motif without the use of prints or sewn-on elements. WHO IS IT FOR? For those who want a cool and breathable jersey for the hottest days, without sacrificing the touch of elegance of a unique embellished garment. WHY YOU WILL LOVE IT? Lightweight and elegant garment for your summer rides, with microperforated detail. PRODUCT FEATURES Fabric with diagonal micro-perforations made with new technology for lightweight fibers Side panels and underside of sleeves in mesh 3 open pockets with gusset for increased capacity and micromesh number holder Grip tape at bottom of jersey in back.

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    Colour: Pompelmo

    RRP: 90.00

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