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Get fit in 2014

4 New Ways to Get Fit in 2014

Better health, weight loss, or overall fitness are common resolutions that many people set for the New Year. Chances are you are working on keeping one or more of those resolutions, and if you are still going strong a few weeks into 2014 then you are doing a great job! One of the biggest hang-ups that cause people to fail at their resolutions is boredom. Endless miles on the gym treadmill can make anyone go stir crazy, so switching up your routine can be a great way to stay motivated as the year goes on. Here are four new ways to get fit in 2014 that you may want to try out.

Switch Up Your Cardio

If you are one of those people that sticks to the same routine over and over, then you may find yourself at a mental and physical plateau. In order to keep your body guessing and constantly building up your fitness, try out a new method of cardio. If you are a runner, consider trying out a rowing machine. Not only will rowing help you keep up a high level of cardio, but you can also get a full body workout. Your arms, back, and abs will be burning after a good 30 minutes of rowing and you’re sure to get fit in 2014.

Add Some Weights

Many women are afraid of lifting weights in fear that they will bulk up and look like a body builder. While most exercise regimes using weights have touted high reps using lighter weights as the best method for toning, there is a shift in the general understanding of women and weight lifting. Instead of feeling out of place in the weights room, find some confidence and go as heavy as you can. Lower reps with heavy weights can do more for your metabolism and unless you are consuming mega amounts of supplements, you aren’t likely to get huge muscles; you’ll simply be getting fitter.

Take it to the Floor

Dance style workouts have continued to grow in popularity, and if you haven’t tried one out yet, this is the year for you. Between barre and ballet-centric workouts that promise the svelte physique of a ballet dancer and the high-energy routines of Zumba, there are so many options that you can choose from. Many people feel uncomfortable in these classes if they don’t have dance experience, but if you can go into it with the understanding that everyone was a beginner at one point, you too can enjoy the calorie torching effecting of dancing your way to get fit.

Get Extreme

Gone are the days when fitness enthusiasts were content to run a few marathons or go on a ski trip a few times each winter. Today’s trends are shifting towards the extremes, with intense running relays complete with obstacle courses mixed in popping up across the country. Not only that, but many people are finding the time to become passionate about a myriad of sports, from running to back country skiing. If you have one sport that you have been participating in for many years, why not add something new to your repertoire and get outside of your comfort zone. Trail running, cross country skiing, and mountain biking are all popular choices to get fit in 2014.

Staying motivated to meet your health and fitness goals for 2014 can be difficult if you aren’t willing to change it up every once in a while. Avoid the seemingly inevitable burnout by keeping yourself entertained and excited about your workouts. Instead of being one of those people who give up after the first month, you too can get fit and stay strong throughout the other 11 months of the year.