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Brand: Speedplay

Description:   Designed for the serious enthusiast or first time clipless user the Speedplay Ultra Light Action Pedal System features an advanced hybrid pedal technology that combines the most user-friendly characteristics found in Speedplay's popular X and Zero road pedals. Speedplay Ultra Light Action pedals blend the legendary ease-of-entry and luxurious non-centering free-float of Speedplay's X Pedal System together with the robust spring design and enhanced durability of Speedplay's Zero Pedal System. Named ' Ultra Light Action' after its unique low-force high-security latch mechanism the new Speedplay Ultra Light Action Pedal System provides the easiest and most intuitive entry and release functions ever. While Speedplay's primary design goal was to create the most user-friendly clipless pedal system ever Ultra Light Action pedals continue to provide the same cutting-edge performance benefits that have made Speedplay pedals famous including: EASY DUAL- SIDED ENTRY: The symmetrical Ultra Light Action pedal is always in the right position for engagement whether it is right-side-up upside-down or anywhere in between. SELF- LOCATING CLEAT DESIGN: The Ultra Light Action pedal is automatically guided into the recessed cleat-cavity during engagement. This makes the pedals extraordinarily easy to find by feel and eliminates the need to look down. SECURE ENGAGEMENT: The security of the engagement mechanism doesn't rely on spring tension so it is not necessary to have a stiff retention spring. It's easy to get in and out of without a struggle and you won't have to worry about pulling out inadvertently.15 DEGREE RANGE OF NON SPRING- RECENTERED FREE FLOAT: Free float without spring recentering tension allows feet to find their natural float range during the pedal stroke and eliminates knee strain. LARGE COMFORTABLE CLEAT PLATFORM: The pedal/cleat combination provides a large and stable platform that won't rock side-to-side improving power efficiency and all-day comfort. Keep in mind that with Speedplay's unique inverted design the cleat is the platform! UNBEATABLE CORNERING CLEARANCE: Thin pedal body provides the lowest stack height and best cornering clearance available. These superb pedals now come with Speedply's innovative walkable cleats which offer cyclists a new standard of user-friendly off the bike functionality. These pedals offer all the benefits of the Titanium pedals in a more affordable package.


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Price: £142.49

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