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Brand: 7613357411097

Description: Welcome to the Mercury family: the Mens Mercury Tour II High GTX Shoe will accompany you in technical terrain, bringing improved support and greater grip with a redesigned vibram sole. For an optimum sure-footed step on day outings or multi-day hikes carrying a heavy load. On the outside, the shoe impresses with the sustainable terracare leather, tanned in an environmentally friendly process, which gives it an enhanced fit and treats your foot to pampering comfort on every path. High-quality GORE TEX material gives the shoe waterproof properties.

Delivery time: Mammut

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Colour: 0.00

Size: 12 - 14 days

Snow and Rock for filtered display

Snow and Rock

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Price: £179.00

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7613357411097 Flip Flops 1 to 1 of 1