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Description: Part of Teva's classic range of sport sandals, the Terra Fi 4 features shock absorbing midsoles and a Spider rubber outsole for maximum comfort and grip on any kind of terrain, wet or dry. The soft Shoc Pad in the heel absorbs impact on rough terrain, helping to reduce fatigue as you walk, while the nylon shank helps to keep the foot stable and controlled in the footbed. It has a quick-drying webbing upper and Teva's Universal Strapping System with multiple adjustment points, ensuring a comfortable and precise fit. On the underside, the outsole is made from Teva's Spider Original rubber, which is made to firmly grip wet surfaces, so you can move quickly and easily across varied terrain. The sandals are treated with Microban zinc based anti-microbial treatment to prevent odour, so they feel fresh every time you wear them.

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Snow and Rock

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888855060123 Flip Flops 1 to 1 of 1