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Category: Gps and Sat Nav

Brand: K Edge

Description: The affordable upgrade for the Garmin computer The K- Edge aero Garmin mount was developed for Team SKY who requested a more aerodynamic mount for the 2014 Tour de France The goal was to place the Garmin Edge computer as close to the handlebar as possible and have an aerodynamic leading edge By combining these updates with efficient manufacturing in house the Sport Mount was born The K- Edge definitive click makes it clear that your Garmin is locked on tight Suitable for use with the Garmin Edge 200 500 510 and 520 Compatible: 31.8mm diameter handlebars 100% carbon bar safe NOT COMBO COMPATIBLE Lifetime Guarantee


Cyclestore for filtered display


Product ID: KE1100BK


Price: £34.99

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K Edge Gps And Sat Nav 1 to 1 of 1