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Saphire Blue Headphones

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Category: Headphones

Brand: Saphire Blue

Description: Discover these headphones from Aftershokz. IP68 waterproof, they are submersible up to 2 metres for 2 hours. They have an open ear design which means that the headphones sit outside the ear, using bone conduction technology to produce sound. This ensures that the headphones are comfort and ear pain free, with no earphone induced swimmer's ear. Securely fitting, the earphones will be snug throughout the workout. They are also wireless, giving freedom and flexibility whilst in use. Finally, the earphones have 4 GB memory of up to 1000 songs, and 8 hours playback time.

EAN: One Size

Size: 1 - 2 days

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Product ID: 246488-107


Price: £139.95

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Saphire Blue Headphones 1 to 1 of 1