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190645537396 Headwear

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Category: Headwear

Brand: 190645537396

Description: Redesigned for the upcoming season, the all-new MOD3 has an updated design aesthetic and the integration of adjustable venting, allowing the wearer to dial in the helmet ventilation that's perfect for them. A 360-degree BOA closure system delivers full wraparound comfort while securing the helmet fit. The evolution of the Modular Brim System allows wearers to choose between a brim or no-brim aesthetic without jeopardizing goggle integration, and the redesigned ear pad and head liner feature X- Static fabric, an odor- and bacteria-eliminating technology.

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Size: 2 - 5 days

Snow and Rock for filtered display

Snow and Rock

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Price: £165.00

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190645537396 Headwear 1 to 1 of 1