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768686136917 Headwear

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Category: Headwear

Brand: 768686136917

Description: The all-new Zone MIPS features an innovative Hybrid Construction blending a durable ventilated Hard Shell upper with an In- Mold Construction lower shell. Additional sidewalls add protection and style. Zone MIPS is packed with amenities including the new In Form 2 Fit System, a quick-fit Vertical Tuning adjustment system for proper helmet positioning, MIPS technology, fully adjustable venting, an integrated POV camera mount, and Fidlock magnetic buckle closure.

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Colour: 0.00

Size: 2 - 5 days

Snow and Rock for filtered display

Snow and Rock

Product ID: 231993-121


Price: £135.00

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768686136917 Headwear 1 to 1 of 1