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  • Jordan Fitness Boxing Jordan Free Standing Punchbag

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    Brand: Jordan Fitness Boxing


    Description: Jordan Free Standing Punchbag The Jordan Free Standing Punch Bag has been designed to take all the punishment a fighter can throw at it. It proudly claims to be the strongest and most resilient punch bag on the market, tested to an astonishing 960,000 blows. Its simple, stylish design makes it perfect for any boxing club, gym, PT Studio or personal use. It has a unique spinal structure with an internal cylinder that interchanges cement and expanding foam that results in a solid unit that absorbs impact yet still reduces vibration. The hard wearing outer material is long lasting and soft to the touch. If you have problems hanging punch bags with wall fixings then this, with its heavyweight and strong base is the perfect alternative. Because the cylinder and base are made separately its easy to transport and store. FEATURES Strongest Free Standing Punchbag on the market Internal cylinder interchanges cement and expanding foam Long lasting, hard wearing outer material Heavy base for stability Tested to 960,000 blows Easy transportation and storage Size Full height 185cm x Diameter 75cm x base height 50cm (72.8 x 29.5 x 19.6) Weight 72kg (Bag 26kg, Base 46kg) Warranty 1 year.

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