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  • PGYTECH Three-Arm Suction Mount

    Price: £56.47

    Brand: PGYTECH

    3.2 out of 5 stars

    5 ratings


    Description: PGYTECH's Three-Arm Suction Mount is excellent for mounting to flat exterior surfaces or windows such as car body panels or windscreens, designed to hold heavier cameras with increased stability, this mount is excellent for capturing the fastest moments in the highest definition. Uses a 1/4 camera mount Double ball structure 360-degree adjustments The large elastic resin suction cups offer a great amount of suction force providing a stable and reliable camera mount for even the more intense driving. Foldable into a small package, this mount can easily be stored in a bag making it suitable for transportation and storage. PGYTECH Three-Arm Suction Mount - shop the best deal online on

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    GTIN: 6970801336445

    Tweeks Cycles for filtered display

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  • PGYTECH Action Camera Adhesive Mount

    Price: £31.06

    Brand: PGYTECH

    3.3 out of 5 stars

    3 ratings


    Description: Capture the moments you want, in the way you want with the PGYTECH Action Camera Adhesive Mount. Designed to help you achieve the angles you need off your helmet or other flat surfaces with the 3M adhesive. Safety rope Aluminium alloy mount Uses a 1/4 camera mount Featuring a safety rope to ensure your camera never falls off even if the clip were to come undone. The easily detachable base is ideal for you to remove your camera for storage or for moments when you're not filming. The aluminium mount with a thumbwheel for locking in your perfect position is excellent for capturing great footage by keeping a stable sturdy mounting point for your action camera.

    Category: Car Parts

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    GTIN: 6970801336438

    Tweeks Cycles for filtered display

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