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  • Airshot Tyre Inflator - Blue

    Price: £44.99

    Brand: AIRSHOT


    Description: Have you ever had the struggle of trying to inflate your tubeless tyre system with nothing but a track pump Help is at hand, introducing the Airshot. Airshot has been developed to enable hassle free inflation of tubeless tyres without the need for a compressor. Pressurised using an ordinary track pump, air can then be released in a rapid but controlled fashion via a release tap seating troublesome tyres on your rims. Easy to Use - Simple & fast tool-free use from the garage, van or on the track. Compatibility - Works with Presta valves or use the supplied adapter to fit inside the valve stem. Top Quality - High quality components & valves engineered for long-lasting performance. Sustainable - Forget C02 cylinders and flimsy knock-offs. The Airshot is built to last. Dimensions : 39.5 x 11 x 8 cm Approx. Weight : 0.620 kg. AIRSHOT Airshot Tyre Inflator - Blue - shop the best deal online on

    Category: Cycling

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    Colour: Blue

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